High Quality Care

At All Around Children, we are always right there with your child, fostering individual learning and child development through active, hands-on discovery and exploration.

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Meals and Nutrition

Nutritious meals cooked with love for our children helps make them strong and healthy, giving them the energy they need for the day.

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Play to Learn

Educational games help our children to develop positive character traits by making learning engaging and enjoyable.

Convenient Locations

Our state-of-the-art learning centers are scattered all throughout Northeast Ohio. Find your school and schedule a tour today!

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About Our Schools

All Around Children is dedicated to ensuring that our children are given the nurturing and safe environment needed to flourish. All facets of our student's day within an All Around Children school are structured with our children's best interest in heart. From nutrition standards to classroom supplies, we pride ourselves on the quality of service, safety, staff and facilities. 

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