Future Employment

Potential candidates should have previous teaching experience and be comfortable with groups of children ranging from 6 weeks - 12 years. Looking for a candidate who is dependable, patient, creative, and enthusiastic about working with children. Job requirements include a high school diploma, current physical, and clean background. Training in First Aid, CPR, Communicable Disease, and Child Abuse/Neglect are preferred. Degree in early childhood education preferred.

If you are interested in a position with All Around Children, please fill out an application attached below and email the form along with your resume to talent@allaroundchildren.com.

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All positions are full-time unless otherwise indicated.


  • Lead Toddler Teachers
  • Assistant Toddler Teachers


  • Lead Teachers
  • Assistant Teachers

Cleveland - Oakfield

  • Lead School Age Teacher

Cleveland - Woodland

  • Lead Teachers
  • Assistant Teachers


  • Program Director


  • Lead Teacher
  • Assistant Teacher
  • Floater

Cleveland - East 55th

  • Lead Teachers
  • Assistant Teachers 


  • Full-time Floater